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Online Payment FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Commissions are sent to affiliates online via Paypal.

Why Online Payments?
1. It is convenient:
-- No more paper statements in the mail.
-- No more writing and mailing checks.
-- Payment is reflected on your account instantly.

2. It is more secure. No more checks lost in the mail.

Do I need to get a PayPal account before I can receive payments from
Yes, but the sign-up process is very simple and you need to do it only once.

What is PayPal?
PayPal is an account-based system that lets anyone with an email address securely send and receive online payments using their credit card or bank account

Is it safe to use PayPal?
Yes, PayPal is very secure. PayPal uses SSL technology to keep your information safe. In addition, when you send or receive a payment using PayPal, the other party won't receive sensitive financial information like your credit card or bank account number.

How does PayPal work?
Once you sign up for PayPal, you can send money to anyone with an email address using the money from your PayPal balance or another funding option of your choice. Recipients are notified by email that they have received a payment.

Why should I get a PayPal account?
Aside from being able to receive your commissions much easier, you can use PayPal for thousands of other websites that accept PayPal (including eBay). You can even use it to pay/collect personal debts to/from friends.

Does it cost money to sign up for PayPal?
No. It is free to open and send money using a PayPal account. In fact, you can even earn money by referring more users to PayPal.

How do I sign up for PayPal?
You can click here or on the PayPal logo at the bottom of this page. After you fill out the registration form, PayPal will send you an email to confirm that you receive messages at that email address. Once you confirm your email address, your account is activated.

Should my email and password for be the same for PayPal?
Yes and No. The email address you use must be the same for both accounts since will be sending payments to the email address you have on file with us. If you already have a PayPal account using a different email address, you can simply add another email address to the same PayPal account.

You can use a different password for your PayPal account. However, you can choose to use the same password so that it will be easier to remember and be less confusing.

I already have a PayPal account but use a different email address. Do I need to get another PayPal account?
No. If you already have a PayPal account using a different email address, you can simply add another email address to the same PayPal account.

How do I add a new email to my PayPal account?
-- Log into your PayPal account.
-- click on My Account.
-- click on Profile.
-- click on Email (under Account Information).
-- click on the Add button.
-- enter the email address and click the Save button.
-- follow the rest of the instructions.

For questions about Online Payments, please send email to

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