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Welcome to RemodelNet, where Homeowners and Quality Professionals meet to bring dreams and ideas together.

Our mission is simple, we are creating a network of Contractors nationwide who can perform all types of remodeling projects, both residential and commercial.

Bringing Homeowners and Contractors together at one web site, insures that both are serious about getting the job done. Contractors receive leads from Owners who are serious about having remodeling work performed. The qualified Contractors then bid on the jobs in their field of expertise.

Homeowners no longer locate Contractors through the phone books and newspapers hoping someone will respond. Asking a neighbor or relative is a great way to find a quality Contractor, but rarely are these individuals available within your time frame. Homeowners now can check online the integrity of their RemodelNet Contractor, based on the responses to job evaluation forms Owners filled out at the completion of their remodeling projects. The more projects completed by a RemodelNet Contractor, the more accurately homeowners can judge the quality of any particular Contractor or Subcontractor. Now, there is an opportunity to have quality Contractors come to you, bid on projects, and with good quotes in hand, you control the final decision of whom to hire. The fast, reliable and easy to use format will be a valuable tool to anyone when contemplating home improvements by a Contractor or Subcontractor.

It is our goal to provide a positive experience to Clients and Contractors by creating the best comprehensive Contractor Referral Site on the Internet today. The employees at RemodelNet hope you find this site useful, and wish you the very best in finding a good Contractor to start a successful remodeling project.

From the entire team at RemodelNet we look forward to serving you now and in the future.

We have some great ideas for this site and would appreciate any input you may offer by contacting us to improve things.